Our Services

Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions

Our agents can help you identify properties that are both on and off market opportunities, preliminarily review the property value in various stages of your investment, offer and negotiate contracts, manage the contract phase and assist with both micro and macro level due diligance and managment planning, from day one to closing and beyond.


We are experienced in investment, financial, and market analysis.  Contact us today to discuss your investment objectives and how to align them best with any preferences of property type, geography, demographics, rental market stability, and many other criteria.

Real Estate Property Management

Our property management team has been managing properties since 1985.  You can  benefit from our marriage of both formal and street level educations in professional property managment.  


With our Certified Property Manager (CPM), Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), and accounting teams, you can rest assured that your real estate investments are in the best hands.

Commercial Real Estate Dispositions

Ready to sell?  Let's go!


Our team will organize your investment into a world class real estate investment sales package and exhaust contemporary and traditional marketing techniques to attract the right buyer for you.  From start to finish, we'll help you attract, negotiation, and close your best offers.


You deserve this sale and you deserve the best real estate agents to help you achieve it.  Contact us now and let's get started!

Commercial Real Estate Consultation

Not sure about whether now is the time to enter or exit the market?


Maybe you need advice on strategies to save a failing property?


Or perhaps you've received an unsolicited offer to purchase your property and you just need someone to review the contract give advice?


Do yourself a favor and get our consultation.  Most of the time, your questions are easy for us to answer and there's no fee.  If it's a more complex consultation, we have options that won't break the bank... even the little piggy one.